Sunday, October 31, 2010

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Book:  Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Rating:  B
Genre:  Historical Fantasy
Age Appropriate:  Adult
The story begins with Claire Randall, a former army combat nurse, vacationing with her husband off the British Isles.  After touching an ancient stone structure she is transferred back in time to war torn 18th century Scotland.  She quickly becomes involved with James Fraser, a young Scottish warrior, who steals her heart and almost breaks it.  Claire finds herself torn between her old life back in 1945 and her new life in 1743.  No matter what (or who) she choose, Claire knows her life will never be the same again.

I really enjoyed the unique mix of history and fantasy.  It was really what saved this book for me.  It had a really slow, steady moving pace. I would never classify it as "boring", but it also never got to the point where I just couldn't put it down.  Anyway, it was just good enough that I will eventually continue on with the series.  

Question:  What did you like or dislike about Claire as the "heroine" in the story?     
 See the comments for my opinion.  I had some major issues with her, but I don't want to post any spoilers here!


  1. There were two things that I really disliked about Claire. First of all, it really bothered me how she could so easily forget about Frank after marrying Jamie. It appeared that she was happy in the beginning, yet she decided to stay with Jamie without much regret for leaving Frank.

    Secondly, I felt she forgave Jamie a bit too easily for the beating. She is a strong woman raised in the 20th century with a different set of values. I would never have forgiven him!

  2. Read past the second book, its my least favorite and almost stopped me from reading the rest but the others get better again. The most recent book is very good and Jackie and I both read it in less than a week which having read one of hers you probably realize is a lot of reading!

    P.S. I like your blog!

  3. Haha...we are trying to blog again! Well at least I am. I didn't see your post until now. You are right - those books are long! I'm about 100 pages into the 2nd book right now. It's okay, but not as good as the first one so far. I'll keep that in mind!